Interclub Report

A fantastic day with great conditions and all 4 Bate Bay clubs well represented. Final point score was extremely close. 1st was Wanda, 2nd North Cronulla, 3rd Cronulla and 4th Elouera with only 1 point separating 1st and 2nd and only 2 points separating Cronulla from 1st place. A fantastic improvement for Cronulla. A huge thank you to our officials, coaches, Team Manager and spectators.

      Cronulla Nth Cronulla Elouera Wanda
Harry Gibbons Shield Boats   3 4 1 2
Cronulla SLSC Shield Craft   1 3 2 4
Harry Brown Shield Rescue   2 3 1 4
Bill Bray Shield Beach   4 2 3 1
R H Johnson Shield Swimming   3 2 1 4
      13 14 8 15

Cronulla SLSC Beach Team


Beach section – Fantastic results from the beach section with the 18 boys and girls taking out Gold and Silver in the relay events. This was mirrored by the Open Women’s team, with the Open Men winning the gold too despite the 3 fastest runners being away on vacation. (we would have had 2 open men’s teams too had they been here)

The 15 Years girls were 1 runner missing but helped out by Indie Filipe from the 14 yrs Nippers and ran joint 2nd to Elouera with the 15 boys who are nearly all under 14’s placing 4th.

In the Flags event Sasha Popovic took gold in the 15 years event despite being under 14! and Angus Cunningham placed 5th in his first competition since his battle against Hodgkins Lymphoma. Great to see him back.

Jacinta Davison- Bunch took silver in the 15 girls event and Genevieve Reiprich 5th.

In the 18 Years event Sam Stonestreet took Gold with Matt Lisser 4th and in the Girls event Chloe Mannix Power took silver with Danielle Katzos 6th.

In the Open Flags Jackson Shaw placed 3rd with Sam Stonestreet 4th and in the Women’s event Tara Stortenbeker 2nd and Ngaire Hadfield 3rd.

We only fielded 2 teams in the 1k and 2 K relay , with Rhys Telfer and Hoani Tangahoa taking the silver in the U18 event and Nathan Breen and Hoani Tangahoa taking the gold in the longer event.

Needless to say Cronulla dominated the beach points score!!


Water Section – Huge improvements

Masters Competitor – Guy Telfer


15 Years – Noah Steiner was the pick of the boys showing he is developing into a quality athlete. In all lead legs of the relays he either led or was right on the heels of Riley Dixon. (Wanda’s state champion swimmer) Accompanied by Will Bannister and Finn Browning the boys placed second in both the board relay and the Cameron relay. In the girls events it was the swimmers that took gold.  Isabella and Georgia Turner, Malaika Walker and Ella Lythall won the surf teams event. Naomi Gaddes and Isabella placed 3rd in the Board rescue and  and the team of Malaika Walker, Naomi Gaddes and Isabella Kotis (under 14) placed 2nd in the board relay behind a very strong Wanda team. The girls also secured second spot in the Cameron relay

18 Years – Harry Came was the pick of the bunch winning the surf teams race with Tim Ford 6th Nathan Ford 8th and Callum Redrup 12th. The team finished second behind North Cronulla who medalled last year at the Australian titles.

We fielded 3 board relay teams and placed 4th, 6th and 8th respectively showing there is some good depth in this age group. The Ski relay team of Stuart Dunn, Callum Redrup and Tim Ford finished 2nd with the B team of Nathan Ford, first timers Nathan Hartley and Tom Maile taking 4th spot.

Noah Steiner/Finn Browning/Harry Came/ Callum Redrup/Lachlan Vitnell and Cody Gaddes took silver in the Board rescue.

In the Girls events Cronulla placed 4th in the board relay ( Chanel Pocklington, Bridget Cole and Brianna Shipley) and 3rd in the surf teams. Unfortunately we did not field a ski relay team due to a late withdrawal from 2 athletes.

Opens – Brad Dawson started superbly with a victory in the Open Belt only to be followed moments later by Emma Southwell winning the female event too. What a start!

We placed 2nd in the surf teams behind Wanda with Nathan Breen 4th, Lachlan Vitnell 6th, harry Came 7th and Jack Robertson 10th .

The senior boys teams of Lachlan Vitnell Cody Gaddes and Jack Robertson placed 6th in both Board relay and Cameron relay and the Ski Relay (Jack ford for Lachlan Vitnell). Considering they are mainly a team of U19 athletes the gap between the established open competitors and our seniors has closed and we are progressing well.

Double ski pairings of Carla Papac and Jack ford 6th with Jayde Bagnall and Cody Gaddes 8th.

In the Women’s relays however, it was different story. The Taplin team of Southwell, Papac and Bagnall finished 1st and the board relay team (Papac, Pocklington and Bagnall) 2nd.  They narrowly missed the gold medal on a run up the beach in the ski relay too, with Phoebe Lacoste showing her paddling skills are certainly worthy of a state final spot and possibly a medal!

It was great to see new member Jayde Bagnall perform so well on the Ski and Board and she will be a real asset to Cronulla this season.

The final event of the afternoon the 12 a side swim relay saw a battle between Wanda, North Cronulla and Cronulla until leg 6 when the gap opened and we ended up placing 3rd.

Boat Section

The boats contested all but 3 divisions of the 2017 Interclub ( Masters-23 female and 19 Female) and finished a credible 2nd in the boat trophy.

It was a very pleasing day as the section had to mix crews up due to the unavailability ( work and overseas) of some rowers. Only our Open women’s crew( 1st Place) were a full compliment of usual rowers.

1st Open Male Boat- despite the result being tabled to the contrary- anyone with 20-20 vision saw that the Black White and Blue were clear winners.

Crew -Gary Allman- Ryan Wood- Brent Trotter- Adam Orford- Jake Cacssell.

1st Open Women’s Boat- Gary Allman- Laura Fagan- Ashley Wright- Rikki Orford- Alyce Wright

2nd Under 19 Boat- Craig Hawkings- Matt Blinkhorn- Lewis Hannah- Lochy Jones- Ryan Power

2nd- Reserve Women’s boat- Craig Hawkings- Bastien Wallace- Kylee Heslop- Maddie Vitnell- Alyce Wright. For 3 of these ladies it was their 1st start for Cronulla and for Maddie her 1st race EVER.

3rd- Under 23 Men’s- Gary Allman- Matt Murray- Jono Brown- Aden Simmons- Luke Hawkings. For Jono and Matt this was their 1st ever race in a surfboat

4th Reserve Men- Craig Hawkings- Jarred McLachlan- Ryan Vanzyl- Hayden Ward- Nick Halliday

23 female- 19 female- only contested by North Cronulla( shield winners)

It was particularly pleasing for the boat section to see life members, senior executive and other interested members attend the early session to see the boaties go round for the day. It means the world to the section to see such great support from our valued leaders.