How do I complete my proficiency?

The proficiency procedure for 2023/24 will consist of an Online assessment and a Practical assessment

Step 1 – Online Assessment

All members MUST complete the online skills assessment prior to presenting for the practical assessment. Any member who presents for the practical assessment without being able to show proof of completion will unfortunately be turned away. We do not have the ability to assess the skills covered in the online theory course at the beach.

To access the online assessment log on to the SLSA Members Portal and follow these instructions to complete the assessment.

Once completed, the certificate of completion will be emailed to you, or you can access it by clicking on the ‘Certifications’ button for that course.

You must print the certificate and bring it with you, or save it to your phone, or show your training record to the assessor to be permitted to undertake the practical Assessment.

Step 2 – Practical Assessment

The Wet Practical Assessment will consist of ‘run-swim-run’, Board and Tube rescue, Spinal Board rescue (as a group).

The Dry Practical Assessment is demonstration (DRSABCD) on a manikin including demonstration of resus breathes (into manikin as per pre-Covid) for two minutes, all Signal (Beach to Water and Water to Beach) and Radios (pre-operation check, channels and four P’s).

When can I undertake my practical assessment?

Patrolling members must do the practical assessment on their patrol during November and early December on the dates below if on patrol that day.

Non-Patrolling Members, and members who were not at their patrol on the day that patrol was assessed may do the practical assessment on the dates below but cannot attend the patrol only dates.

SRC/BM Patrol     
SRC/BMPatrol 7 & 1112/11/2023Sunday11:00am and 1:00pmRichard Hedley
SRC/BMPatrol 1 & 1219/11/2023Sunday9:00am and 1:00pmRobert Short
SRC/BMPatrol 4 & 525/11/2023Saturday9:00am and 2:00pmGlenn McLachlan
SRC/BMPatrol 2 & 326/11/2023Sunday11:00am and 1:00pmRodd Sanchez
SRC/BMPatrol 102/12/2023Saturday9:00amDavid Dalla-Camina
SRC/BMPatrol 93/12/2023Sunday9:00amRodd Sanchez
SRC/BMPatrol 6 & 810/12/2023Sunday11:00am and 1:00pmGlenn McLachlan,           David Dalla-Camina
SRC/BMAll18/11/2023Saturday9:00amDavid Dalla-Camina
SRC/BMAll19/11/2023Sunday9:00amRobert Short
SRC/BMAll2/12/2023Saturday9:00amDavid Dalla-Camina
SRC/BMAll3/12/2023Sunday9:00amRodd Sanchez
SRC/BMAll15/12/2023Friday5:00amRobert Short, Rodd Sanchez
SRC/BMAll17/12/2023Sunday9:00amDavid Dalla-Camina
IRBAll3/11/2023FridayGala Night 5:00pmChris Barber
IRBAll19/11/2023Sunday10:00amChris Barber
IRBAll1/12/2023Friday5:00pmChris Barber
IRBAll16/12/2023Saturday7:00amChris Barber
ARTAll2/12/2023Saturday11:00amDavid Dalla-Camina
ARTAll3/12/2023Sunday11:00amRodd Sanchez
ART  All15/12/2023Friday6:00pmRobert Short
ARTAll16/12/2023Saturday11:00amDavid Dalla-Camina
ARTAll17/12/2023Sunday11:00amDavid Dalla-Camina
SMAR Swim (400m/8min)All3/12/2023Sunday8:00amDavid Dalla-Camina   
SMAR Swim (400m/8min)All17/12/2023Sunday8:00amDavid Dalla-Camina   
SMAR Swim (400m/8min)AllKurranullaWednesday7:00pmRobert Short

2023/2024 Proficiency Calendar

Why do I need to do a proficiency?

All active lifesavers are required to complete a proficiency test to prove competency in the lifesaving award/s they hold and wish to remain current in. Proficiency tests are necessary to:

  • ensure ongoing competency of members in their area of training and activities
  • maintain the standards of knowledge and expertise of surf life savers satisfy legal and statutory requirements
  • reinforce and maintain our service commitment to the bathing and beach going community

A member’s proficiency is valid until the 31st December each year.

Any member who is NOT proficient by the 31st December 2023, or has NOT completed appropriate awards shall NOT be allowed to:

  • Perform patrols
  • Operate rescue craft or
  • Compete in surf lifesaving competitions

Member can check their proficiency status online by logging on to the SLSA Members Area.

Please note you must be financial for the 2023/2024 season before you do your proficiency otherwise your proficiency cannot be processed.

Any questions, please contact:

David Dalla-Camina

CTO Cronulla SLSC