All active lifesavers are required to complete a proficiency test to prove competency in the lifesaving award/s they hold and wish to remain current in. Proficiency tests are necessary to:

  • ensure ongoing competency of members in their area of training and activities
  • maintain the standards of knowledge and expertise of surf life savers  satisfy legal and statutory requirements
  • reinforce and maintain our service commitment to the bathing and beach going community

A member’s proficiency is valid until the 31st December each year. Any member who is NOT proficient by the 31st December, or has NOT completed appropriate awards shall NOT be allowed to:

  • Perform patrols
  • Operate rescue craft or
  • Compete in surf life saving competitions

Member can check there proficiency status online by logging on to the SLSA Members Area.

If you can not attend any of these dates you can attend a proficiency held at another club. A calendar of proficiency dates at other Sydney Branch Clubs can be found on the Sydney Branch website  here.


Proficiency Dates for 2018/19

Date Award Time
Sat 6/10/18 Bronze/SRC/ARTC 9:00am
Sun 7/10/18 Bronze/SRC/ARTC 9:00am
Sat 13/10/18 Bronze/SRC/ARTC 9:00am
Sun 14/10/18 Bronze/SRC/ARTC 9:00am
Sat 20/10/18 Bronze/SRC/ARTC 9:00am
Sun 21/10/18 Bronze/SRC/ARTC 9:00am
Sat 27/10/18 Bronze/SRC/ARTC 9:00am
Sun 28/10/18 Bronze/SRC/ARTC 9:00am
Fri 2/11/18 IRB Driver/Crew 5:00pm
Sat 3/11/18 Bronze/SRC/ARTC 9:00am
Sun 4/11/18 Bronze/SRC/ARTC 9:00am
Fri 9/11/18 IRB Driver/Crew 5:00pm
Sun 25/11/18 Bronze/SRC/ARTC
IRB Driver/Crew
Fri 21/12/18 IRB Driver/Crew
Sun 23/12/18 Bronze/SRC/ARTC
IRB Driver/Crew
Mon 31/12/18 Bronze/SRC/ARTC 9:00am