Patrol Hours Obligations

All members who wish to compete at any State or Australian Championship must be financial, proficient and carry out their rostered patrol duties for the club for which they are competing.

The minimum number of personal patrol hours for an Active member must not be less than twenty-five (25) hours for the preceding calendar year (i.e. 1st January through to 31st December). The minimum requirement for Active Reserve members must not be less than twelve (12) hours for the preceding calendar year. Long Service members are exempt.

In addition to the above, members must observe the SLSA Constitution and the Cronulla SLSC patrol regulations which will specify a minimum level of patrol hours and other requirements that entitle a member to compete. A member that is behind in their rostered patrols may be considered to be in patrol default and this situation needs to be corrected prior to the member being entered into any surf lifesaving competition.

Regardless of the minimum competition requirements set by SLSA, all rostered members are still required to meet Cronulla SLSC’s patrol expectations, including attendance at all rostered patrols. Arranging a substitute is acceptable if a member wishes to compete at a carnival, so long as the substitute turns up to the patrol, and the member competing is not in patrol default for their total hours for that particular date.

Members can check their current patrol hours online by logging onto the SLSA Members Portal

Patrol hours may be calculated on the following personal hours completed by a competitor:

  • Rostered patrols.
  • Substitute patrols (accredited to the member actually doing the patrol, not the member for whom the substitution is being performed).
  • Voluntary patrols
  • Water safety for Junior Activities
  • Volunteer specialist services (e.g. Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter, Support Services, Sydney Surf radio commands).

Penalty patrol hours shall not be used as personal patrol hours for competition purposes.

The minimum requirement for new members, members re-joining the club (i.e. was not a member of the association during the previous season), members returning after a leave of absence, or members who have only just completed their Bronze or SRC awards, must not be less than four (4) patrol hours before competing in a State or Australian Championships.

Members joining, returning or gaining an award during the period 1st January through to 31st December of the year preceding a State or Australian Championship event are required to complete minimum patrols hours on a pro-rata basis in accordance with the following table:

Minimum Patrol Hours
(Active & Under 15)
Minimum Patrol Hours
(Active Reserve)
January 25 12
February 24 12
March 20 12
April – September 16 8
October 12 8
November 8 4
December 4 4