Club Facilities

Use and Care of Club Gear

All equipment should be cleaned, and stowed correctly after use. Craft should be drained where applicable.

Any damage caused or discovered during use must be reported to the responsible Section Captain and/or Club Captain as soon as possible after use.

Club surf craft, equipment and facilities are for the use of all qualified and financial members. In saying this, no equipment is to be used without approval of the Officer or Section Leader responsible for such equipment.

Club gear may be setup for competition, delegated to specific competitors for a season or even requiring maintenance. Seeking advice on what you may and may not use will ensure that accidents, injuries and personal confrontation are minimised. It is not a good idea to venture out to sea with any surf craft if you are not adequately trained or fit.

Any Junior Member using Club equipment must at all times be under the direct supervision of an approved person/coach/trainer.

Member Privileges

There are certain benefits and privileges that only a financial member of Cronulla SLSC can take advantage of. Some of these benefits are outlined below.

The Clubhouse

As a general rule, the clubhouse and general facilities are for Members only. Members are permitted to invite guests to the Club – for example to the Friday Night Bar, or to social functions and events. Guests should be accompanied by a Member at all times, and should they visit the club on more than (3) occasions within a year, are encouraged to join up as a Member themselves.

Club Gym

The club gym is available to all Members, and has a range of strength, resistance and cardio equipment, specifically chosen to complement the training programs set out by our surf sports coaches. The equipment is of the highest quality and we ask Members to treat it with due care and respect.

Note: The club gym is located in the clubhouse, NOT the Sports Complex.

To cover the cost of equipment and maintenance, we ask those interested in using the gym to pay an (extremely affordable) annual fee.

Gym membership is restricted to those 16 years and over. If you have never undertaken weights training before, we recommend that you are supervised by someone experienced – ideally a Section Leader or nominated coach/trainer. Training in groups or pairs is also recommended.

Sports Complex

Members who show their current membership card at the Sports Complex (adjacent to the clubhouse) will receive discounted entry to the indoor pool and gymnasium. The complex is available for use (7) days a week, however no club member or casual user is permitted in the gym between the hours of 5pm – 7pm weekdays, due to personal fitness training. For more information, and to enquire about personal training and sports coaching, please visit

Gunnamatta Bay Shed

Cronulla SLSC has one of the best training facilities available to any surf club in the Gunnamatta Bay boat shed. This building – owned by the surf club – is in the best possible location to act as a base for supplementary training for our Members, providing craft storage and direct ramp access to Gunnamatta Bay, which is often sheltered from severe wind when conditions at the beach are unfavourable.

Traditionally a surf boat training and storage shed, in recent years it has also been utilised by board and ski coaches who conduct winter training programs and use it as a base for squad training during the summer.

Change Rooms & Lockers

There are several change rooms and restrooms within the clubhouse which are available to Club Members only. Male change rooms are located on the third floor of the clubhouse, including an open sun-baking area, showers and lockers. A second change room and shower area is located off the Purcell Function Room and a third restroom off the ballroom.

The main female change rooms are located on the ground floor off the ballroom – comprising of showers, toilets and lockers. An additional restroom is available off the Purcell Function Room.

Some Members pay an additional small annual fee to reserve a personal locker within the clubhouse. The male lockers are located within the men’s change rooms on the top floor, with female lockers situated in the women’s change room next to the ballroom.

Any member may apply via the club office to be allocated a locker however they are limited in number. It is often joked that you literally need to ‘be there when a member dies, in order to grab his locker space’ however we like to think things aren’t so bad! Since many lockers are shared among several members, you may be able to ‘skip’ the waiting list by arranging to have your name included on a friend or relative’s locker allocation. Keys are arranged privately.

Patrolling Members (who are signed on) may use the cupboards in the Patrol Room to store bags and personal effects.

Function Rooms

The club has three function rooms for the use of members.

The Bill Marshall OAM Ballroom

The largest hall within the club, named in 2008 in honour of our club’s late Patron, the ballroom hosts many large club functions including the Annual General Meeting. Honour Rolls adorn the walls, recognising Life Members, Office Bearers, Club Champions and the like. Members may apply to the Management Committee in writing for permission to use the ballroom for club related or private use.

The C.O.J. Monro Memorial Room

Named after an esteemed Life Member of Cronulla SLSC, the Monro Room is the showpiece of the Club and must be treated as such by all members. Photos and trophies are on display, among other club memorabilia.

Footwear is required, bathers are not permitted and clothing of an appropriate standard must be worn on the upper body at all times. Members who fail to meet these dress standards, or do not remove their cap upon entering the room are required to ‘shout the bar’.

The Tony Purcell Memorial Room

Named after an esteemed Life Member of Cronulla SLSC, the Purcell Room is commonly used for Club social gatherings including the Sunday Bar and Junior Activities.

The room is hired out to the public when not in use by the Club. A financial member of Cronulla SLSC may be entitled to a discount on the hiring fee. Management of this room is currently through the club office. See contact information for enquiries and bookings.

Club Equipment

Member privileges extend to the use of certain club equipment. Before anything else is said, it is extremely important that you inform the club of any equipment used, borrowed or taken off premises. Even people with the greatest intentions of returning equipment have been known to forget, meaning club property is never returned.

Gear and equipment available for club members to use includes surf craft (i.e. malibu boards, rescue boards, surf skis, surf boats) and also gear such as tents, BBQ’s tables and chairs.

It is important that you don’t just pick up the first board or ski that you see, as it may be privately owned. Check with the applicable section captain before using any piece of equipment that is not obviously owned by the club. You should also consult the section captain before using surf boats, IRB’s, belt reels or anything of that nature.

Equipment that is used should be well looked after and returned to the correct storage area after being washed and cleaned with fresh water. Any damage must be reported immediately to the section captain.

Appropriate water safety measures should be taken for any activities that involve Junior or Nipper Members in the surf – regardless of training, competition or social activity. Likewise, if you don’t know what you are doing – ask someone who knows! Don’t just get four mates and decide to try rowing a boat. Apart from damaging expensive equipment, you could seriously injure yourself or someone else. You will have much more fun using club gear with the correct supervision and training.