Position Vacant

Cronulla SLSC is seeking a suitably qualified personĀ for the position of Director of Coaching.

All applications are to be submitted in writing to admin@cronullasurfclub.com by Friday 28 October 2016

The key responsibilities of the role are:

1. Support a quality surf sports program for Cronulla SLSC. This includes supporting an exciting, meaningful and challenging program for our competitors from the U14 to Opens:

  • Multi-Discipline Section
  • Ski Section
  • Swim Section
  • Board Section
  • Boat Section
  • Beach Section
  • Surfing Section

2. Leadership of Coaching

  • All coaching compliance regulations are met..
  • Attend Coaching and Competition committee meetings

3. Culture, Brand, Communications and Reporting

  • Communicate and implement Cronulla SLSC Sporting Culture and Brand in the Community.
  • Preparation of reports – season plans, season reviews.
  • Foster the development of all abilities and the enjoyment of surf sports.
  • Maintain high levels of sportsmanship, fair play and standards for competitors and coaches.

4. Talent Management, Network Management, Stakeholder Management and Pathway Planning

  • Progression Planning and Talent Development at all levels.
  • Work closely with the Coaching and Competition Committee.

5. Technology, Analysis and Equipment

  • Identify and utilise technology to assist coaching and athlete development.
  • Identify appropriate equipment to enhance the development process.
  • Develop and manage Surf Sports communication software to keep all stakeholders up to date with training and competition activities
  • Develop and maintain a carnival entries system which reduces carnival entry fees.

7. Work Health and Safety (WHS)

  • Identify and address any WHS issues related to the Surf Sports Program and its facilities.

A full copy of the position description can be downloaded below