Join the Silver Salties

Silver Salties is a wonderful Surf Life Saving Australia initiative which encourages all youngsters over the age of 65 to get out and about (when it’s safe to do so). Cronulla SLSC has two programs on offer.
The first is a new Cronulla SLSC Silver Salties Walk and Talk from 13/7/21 to 14/12/21 run by Wendi Murray and Bernice Keane. If your keen to participate please register here.

The second is the Cronulla SLSC Silver Salties Swim Group. The start date for this program has been changed. It will now run from 20 October 2021 to 8 December 2021.  9.00-10.30am. There’s a new link for registrations too. Please click here to join. We are also seeking volunteers who can assist with Water Safety and would appreciate you leaving a message on our Facebook page or contacting the office.
For more information & to see what our Cronulla SLSC Silver Salties have been up to so far use this link to our Facebook page.