Ski Section

Introduction to Ski Events

The ski (and board) events are often referred to as craft events; as such they are contested in the ‘craft area’ at a surf carnival. A surf boat is also considered a surf craft event, however is conducted in a separate arena to board and ski.

There are many variations of ski events, including male or female, mixed, single or double and a multitude of relays. These are briefly outlined below. You must be 16 years or older to compete in ski events.

All events involve paddling a fiberglass ski from the beach, through the break and around a defined course (set by buoys) and back to the waters edge, crossing the finishing line. Up to sixteen competitors or teams may compete in a single heat.

Ski Race

Competitors will paddle a ski around the ski course, with the race conducted over a minimum distance of 300M from knee-deep water. Double ski competitors will paddle approx 50M further.

Divisions for the double and single ski include Men’s and Women’s in Open, U19 and Masters (see Masters). The double ski is also conducted as a mixed event in the Open division.

Ski Relay

This event consists of a team of three paddlers completing the ski course over a distance of approx 300M each. Upon returning to the beach the competitors who complete the first and second legs will tag the next person, with the third crossing the finish line to finish the race.

Divisions for the ski relay include Open, U19 and Masters (see Masters). There is no double ski relay.