Introduction to Beach Events

The beach events are contested over a sand course of varying distance and are some of the most hotly contested events at surf carnivals.

Beach Sprints

This event is exactly what it sounds like – an individual event where competitors sprint along a beach track towards the finish line.

Track lengths for the beach sprint (and beach relay) will vary depending on the age of competitors:

  • 70M for U8 – U14 and Masters
  • 90M for U15 – Open

Beach Relay

Teams of four members will run in ‘shuttle fashion’ using a piece of rubber hose (or similar) as a baton, which is passed from member to member. The race is conducted over the same length course as the beach sprint, with the first team home with the baton declared the winner.

Beach Flags

Competitors lie face down in the sand and – upon the whistle blast – jump to their feet, turn around and sprint before diving for a rubber baton located in the sand. Beach flags is a knock-out event (similar to musical chairs) whereby there is always one baton less than competitors per heat. One competitor is dropped each round until there is only one remaining, who is declared the winner.

Speed and reaction time are important to ensure you can grab a ‘flag’ or else you will be eliminated. Track lengths for the beach flags varys depending on the age of competitors:

  • 15M for U8 – U14 and Masters
  • 20M for U15 – Open